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Online Photo Exhibition 'Australia. Photo with the Russian Accent' - 2021

The first joint photo exhibition of Russian-speaking photographers living in Australia. Photos at the exhibition are presented in three categories: 'Australia - nature without borders, 'The Light of the Russian soul' and 'City Lines'.

The world is still full of colors and bright moments even with the ongoing pandemic and various restrictions. If such moments are still unattainable in a real life, they are available in photos. It is very exciting to see how many talented photographers there are in our Russian speaking Australian community! From Hobart to Brisbane, from Perth to Sydney - that is the geography of the exhibition. More than 60 photographers shared sparks of beauty and joy that they captured with their cameras. We received more than 650 photos. It was really hard to choose the best ones! At the end all of us - both viewer-readers and participants - received the priceless gift: saved on photos beauty, light and warm emotions, which we can enjoy again and again. We are happy to share this gift with you and invite you to visit the exhibition. We hope that you will find works which will add bright emotions to you in each of the three categories: 'Australia - nature without borders', 'The Light of the Russian soul' and 'City Lines'.

Have a nice photo journey! Go to a specific category (by clicking on banners below) to visit it.

Elena Pochesneva, photographer, curator of the exhibition

There are many creative people in our community who are passionate about the arts and actively involved in the cultural life of Australia. Last year, Unification already held an online exhibition of artists and sculptors, which can still be viewed on the newspaper's website. In 2021, Elena Pochesneva, curator of the photo exhibition, collected interesting works by Russian-speaking photographers. The exhibition will be constantly available on our website Look at the wonderful photos, and maybe you will learn something new about the country, its nature and cities, as well as about the Russian community living in Australia.

Vladimir Kouzmin, editor-in-chief, Unification newspaper

  • 'City Lines'

    The architecture of Australian cities, events of urban life, urban landscapes.