Meeting at Sydney StSergius Aged Home

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Meeting at Sydney StSergius Aged Home
Board of Directors RRA StSergius

For more than 70 years, the Sergius of Radonezh Russian Relief Association has been operating in Sydney, within the framework of which members of the city’s Russian community have created a modern home for the elderly, StSergius Aged Care, or, as the residents and their relatives lovingly call it, Sergiev Posad.

Here, 168 residents live permanently under the supervision of medical staff and Age Care staff, and about 60 people in need of care receive care at home. RBO also hosts Day Care group meetings, where older people communicate during the daytime.
The home for the elderly employs staff who speak Russian, they take care of observing Russian traditions, and the house is visited by an Orthodox priest from the Church of the Intercession, located next door.
StSergius Aged Care is governed by a board of directors. Today in the RRA hall the Annual Meeting of Members and by-elections of Board members took place.
The board is headed by the experienced doctor Andrew Pesce. The administration includes Elena Workman (CEO), Tatyana Fedoseeva (Director of Finance), Natalya Zaitseva (Director of Care), Svetlana Grabovski (Manager of Home Care).

RRA members present at the meeting learned that last year was a very successful one. At a time when 60% of nursing homes in the country are operating at a loss, the financial policy of Sergiev Posad is stable and reliable, the organization has significant profits and plans to further improve services for its residents.
There are only two homes for the elderly in Australia (NSW and Queensland), where the Russian language and traditions are preserved, Sydney is the largest. If you or your parents require acute care, please contact the RRA on 02 9727 9844, see the organization's website

This will help preserve the Russian foundation of the organization, and will provide residents with the opportunity to spend their senior years in a caring environment with the opportunity to speak their native language.
Board of the RRA named after Sergius of Radonezh for 2023-2024.
Dr Andrew Pesce, Nicholas Pitchuev, Nicholas Maksymow, Irina Rotenko-Harvey, Michael Apollonov, Tatiana Prolov, Don Zakroczymski, Michael Vladimiroff, Bill Constantinidis.


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