Exhibition of works by Russian-speaking artists of Australia - 2020

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The newspaper "Unification" in the year of the 70th anniversary opens the first online exhibition of works by Russian-speaking artists of Australia. The idea of ​​this exhibition, the first in this format, belongs to ANU professor in Canberra and art critic Alexander Dmitrievich (Sasha) Grishin, author of more than 25 books on art.

The design and all the technical work on the website was done by Leonid Tsvetkov. Today we are opening only the first stage of the exhibition, at which the works of 27 authors were presented. Work continues to be received, and we will replenish the exhibition until June 15. You will be able to evaluate each of the paintings by clicking on the “Like” mark, so we can estimate the number of audience sympathies. If you want to buy paintings presented at the exhibition (not all of them are for sale), or other works of these artists, please contact the authors directly, whose contacts you can find on the website in the Exhibitions section.

Before you look at the paintings, I propose to read a short introduction by Professor Grishin.

First Exhibition of the work of contemporary Russian artists in Australia

Now the church is empty;
The schoolhouse is firmly locked,
Crops are deserted in the fields,
And the dark grove is forsaken.
The village and the houses,
Stand burnt and all is quiet,
Except for the cemetery,
It is never empty, never still.

            Aleksandr Pushkin, “Feast during the plague” (1830)

Art is a beacon of light in times of darkness and despair. In a world plunged into depression because of the COVID-19 virus, we turn to our artists for hope and inspiration.

From the 19th century, Russian-born artists like Nicholas Chevalier came to Australia and made a huge contribution to the art of this country. In the 20th century, Danila Vassilieff, became one of the most important artists for the development of modernism in Australia. Artists from Russia and artists of Russian origin continue to play an important role in contemporary Australian visual culture.

The aim of this modest exhibition is threefold. Firstly, to appreciate the work of Russian artists in this country and to note their diversity and talent. Secondly, to provide artists with the opportunity to collectively exhibit their work at a time when most art galleries are closed. Thirdly, for us as an audience, to receive joy and inspiration from the work of these artists.

As curator, I have adopted a very ‘broad church’ approach to allow as many professional artists as possible to participate with their respective styles and means of expression. There will be three instalments in this exhibition: the first now, at the end of April, then the second in mid-May and the last in June, when more work will be added to the website. I have no idea what the end result will be, but for all of us it will be an exciting journey.

I thank all the artists for their participation, and Vladimir Kuzmin (Editor) and Leonid Tsvetkov (website designer) from the newspaper “Unification” for hosting this exhibition and allowing this adventure in art to occur.

Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA
Emeritus Professor, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia


Now click on the link and enjoy the variety of multi-colored kaleidoscope of works of our artists, and do not forget to put Like or write reviews.

Exhibition of works by Russian-speaking artists of Australia - 2020

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