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Congratulations to the winners

Posted 18 June 2021 · (471 views) · 2 people like this

Congratulations to the winners
На фото: Д.Ликане, Л.Джангджава и М.Фролов, Н.Крофтс

Summing up the results of the 11th International Grushinsky Internet Contest took place. The victories of our Russian-speaking Australian poets and bards in this wonderful competition of music and poetry have already become traditional.

This year, a representative jury of 48 people from 11 countries awarded the first prize in the "Video Clip" nomination to Dmitry Likane for the song "Taste of the Night" by Fedor Gorkavenko. Performers - Mikhail Frolov and Lana Dzhangjava. This is the second consecutive victory of this team of authors. Last year they became winners with the video for "Water of March". We also congratulate a member of our editorial board Natalia Crofts with another victory at the International Grushinsky Competition. This year her poem "The Witch" became the winner of the competition. Vera Kalashnikova

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