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The 15th Russian Film Festival opens in Sydney

The 15th Russian Film Festival opens in Sydney
На открытии кинофестиваля в Сиднее, 1 ноября 2018 год И.Максимов, Н.Максимов, К.Хабенский, О.Аграфенина, И.Твердовский, П. и Н. Ануровы, О. Зуева, Д. Козловский, Д. Давиденко, В.Тарасова.

On November 1, the Russian Resurrection festival opened at the Event cinema in the center of Sydney, which was attended by more than 400 spectators. Before the start of the film "Coach" a press conference was held with the guests of the festival.

This year a large group of famous filmmakers from Russia came to Sydney, and among them are two brilliant actors who present their films at the festival and as directors are Konstantin Khabensky and Danila Kozlovsky. Russian guests answered questions from journalists.

The opening was also attended by the producer of the film “Coach” Peter Anurov, actress and director Olga Zueva (“Coach” “On the District”), deputy director of the film studio “Lenfilm” Olga Agrafenina, directors Ivan Tverdovsky (film “Jampman”), and Ilya Maximov (film "Soul Conductor").

During the opening ceremony, Russian Ambassador G.Logvinov presented the Pushkin Medal to the founder and director of the festival, Nikolay Maksimov. Government Finance Minister Viktor Dominello officially opened the 15th Russian Film Festival in Australia, which will be held for three weeks in 5 major cities of Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand.

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