Юля Пустошкина

Yulia Pustoshkina is a third generation Russian born Australian artist. Studying at the Art School of Petrozavodsk, Yulia’s painting style is influenced by famous traditional Russian art schools including Palekh and Loubok. Yulia’s early miniature paintings traditionally applied on wood panels depicted Russian folkloric daily scenes of harvesting and fishing. The extensive practice of working with miniature paintings has highly influenced her current painting technique.

Now Yulia is working with oils or acrylics on canvas and linen. Each painting tells a story. Yulia draws inspiration from her past, folklore, traditions, fairy-tales and the world around her. There always is a thoughtful purpose in everything that her characters do. Her latest artworks display a fusion of Australian flora and fauna, small animals, birds, fish and minor but meaningful details in her paintings with distinctive flair of her Russian heritage.