Виолетта Курбанова

Born in Southern Russia in 1969, Violetta grew up surrounded by scenic views of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea.

Even before she finished High School with a formal qualification as an artist, she already had a strong foundation in arts. Violetta attended Krasnodar National Art School, where she learned the basics of drawing, painting and sculpture
In 2008, Violetta and her family took a big leap of faith and migrated to Australia, where she met like-minded people. Back then, she was already a mother of three, but this did not stop her from fulfilling her lifelong dream. She decided to become a full-time artist, with silk painting and watercolour as her primary mediums.
Six years into being a full-time artist and Violetta is already gaining recognition for her artworks. Aside from being featured in popular exhibits and art shows, her paintings are now sold in Australian, American, Canadian, Japanese, Italian and Russian art exhibits.

“Watercolour has interested me since childhood. Through watercolour paintings, I saw a completely new side of the beauty in the world around me, plunged into the atmosphere of aesthetics, which I myself have since tried to convey in my works and express what I feel. In addition to watercolour, I had a chance to work in other mediums: oil, acrylic and pastel. However, that unpredictability and mysteriousness of watercolour gives the opportunity to show something that you can never express in oil…”

29th Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition – Finalist
59 City of Ryde art exhibition - 1st place in watercolour
18th South Maroubra Art Show - Highly Commended
Randwick Art Society 9th Annual Exhibition – 2nd place in watercolou, Highly Commended
Randwick Art Society 8th Annual Exhibition – Highly Commended
27th Art of Sydney Awards Exhibition – Highly Commended, Commended
19th South Maroubra Art Show -2nd Prize
Randwick Art Society 7th Annual Exhibition – Runner Up, Highly Commended
Randwick Art Society 6th Annual Exhibition – 1st place in watercolour, Highly Commended

“Australian Artist” June 2017
“Australia Artist’s Palette” magazine No.155 on September 2017

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email: silkpaintingau@gmail.com