Art Exhibition of Russian artists of Australia

We invite you to the exhibition. “Our small online exposition, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Unification newspaper, exceeded all expectations. This is the first truly national exhibition of Russian-speaking artists from all over Australia. Many applications were received, of which we selected more then 80 finalists and almost 200 works performed in many types of art: painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics etc. Many artists studied in the USSR or Russia, in Europe or Australia. We have provided a place at this exhibition for veteran artists, recognized masters and aspiring young artists. Most of the works are outstanding, inspiring and worthy of the attention of the whole country. Thanks to Unification, these artists will now receive popular attention. With best wishes, Sasha Grishin."

On behalf of the Unification weekly newspaper of the Russian communinity in Australia, I want to thank all the artists who sent their works, as well as the curator of the exhibition, professor Alexander Dmitrievich Grishin. I hope this first experience will be supported and will help bring people together and giveaustralians the sense of Russian art and culture. And now we invite you to the exhibition, which visitors have already “christened” "a branch of the New Tretyakov Gallery in Australia". If you like the art works, you can mark them with a "Like" sign or leave a comment. Regarding the acquisition of paintings, please contact the authors directly, their contacts can be found in the information about the authors. Vladimir Kuzmin, editor.
Enjoy watching!

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