Weekly Newspaper of the Russian Community in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's letter to the Unification newspaper

Posted 8 December 2020 · (5242 views) · 13 people like this

The editors of the Russian community newspaper in Australia "Edinenie" Unification received a present on their 70th birthday - a congratulatory letter from the country's Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It was on December 2, 1950 in Melbourne that the first issue of the All-Australian Russian newspaper was published.

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  • Olya Melnikova 1 year ago

    Уважаемые Володя и Оля,
    Поздравляю с Юбилеем Газеты!
    повторяю - газета нам нужна вчера, сегодня и завтра; спасибо за ваш кропотливый труд, желаю доброго здоровья и творческих сил на многая лета.
    Оля Мельникова.