Russian newspaper "Unification"
Russian Weekly Newspaper in Australia since 1950

Advertising in our newspaper and website

Russian weekly newspaper “Unification” – “Edinenie” published in Australia since 1950 and served the Russian speaking community already for 64 years.

We invite you to advertise your business in Russian newspaper.

Advertising in our newspaper is inexpensive, but efficient way to get message to thousands families in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia.

Our rate is $4.50 for 1 cm in standard column (5cm wide). That mean small advertisment could cost about $25-35, and average cost of our ads are $50-60.
You can save more. We have developed plans for multiple advertising in our paper through the whole year which could cost as little as $300 (based on monthly advertising -12 times, with an ad size 2.5×12.5 cm). As another example ¼ page ad will cost $125 for each in multiple advertising. That represents about 30% discount to the standard rate. Advertisement in full colour will attract extra 25% fee.

If regular advertising selected, we can prepare artwork for your ad free of charge.

You may consider also advertising at our website.

That will attract younger audience, which prefer browsing news through the web. We have more then 2000 requests for our web pages weekly. People who read our website are from Australia, Russia and other countries. And the number increasing.

Standard ad on the side panel will cost $50 for one month display.

Main ad on the top of the page - $150 per month.
Payment is easy and can be made by direct transfer to our bank account or by cheque.

We can discuss your specific requirements and find which option better suits your advertising plans.
Please call us or send an email to