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  • 24 Сентябрь 2012

Приглашаем в секцию русского самбо (самообороны без оружия)

Приглашаем в секцию русского самбо (самообороны без оружия)

Come learn Russian Sambo (Self Defence without weapons) for Adults and ChildrenA unique Soviet Self Defence System developed in the 20th century in the former Soviet Union. The self defence and grappling systems of the world were investigated and scientifically reviewed in the former Soviet Union and the best techniques and fighting methods were then combined to form Sambo and taught to the Red Army.

Sambo comprises 2 disciplines:

1.Sport Sambo - form of jacket wrestling similar to Judo or wrestling and soon to be an Olympic Sport.
2.Combat Sambo - form of full contact fighting taught to the Soviet army.

1. Demitri Korzh - Master of Sport in Olympic Wrestling, Sambo and Combat Sambo. Trained in the former Soviet Union. Head of Oceania FIAS (International Sambo Federation).
2. Olena Bondarenko - Master of Sport in Sambo and Judo. Soviet Union and Ukraine National Sambo and Judo champion. Head Coach for Australian Sambo Team
3. Vladimir Robert Belonogoff - Sambo, Judo and Brazillian Jujitsu competitior.

Venue: Cabramatta PCYC - Corner Railway Parade & McBurney Rd Cabramatta

Time:7-9pm Tuesday (Teenagers and Adults)
7-9pm Thursday nights (Teenagers and Adults)
Saturday 2-3pm (Teenagers and Adults)
Saturday 3-4pm (Children - boys and girls 5 & up)

$8 (adults) & $5 (children and teenagers). (Must join PCYC) Mobile:0419 447 124


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