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Уроки жизни на два дома

Австралийский журналист Sue Lannin побеседовала с шестью австралийцами, которые приехали из разных стран и нашли свое место в новой стране, не забыв о своем доме на родине. Мы сегодня с разрешения автора публикуем часть статьи, в которой о жизни рассказывает руководитель крупного отдела маркетинга Светлана Жукова. Каждый четвертый австралиец родился за границей, а еще у 20% по крайней мере один из родителей родился за границей

Мы перепечатываем эту часть статьи на английском языке.

Svetlana Zhukova, 34, Sydney
Photo Svetlana Zhukova says one of her biggest tips is to get out of your comfort zone and make friends.
ABC News: Susan Lannin

Marketing executive Svetlana Zhukova is a Russian Australian who grew up in the former Soviet republic of Belarus. She first left her home at the age of 15 to go to a better school where she could improve her English. Her career has taken her to Moscow, Rotterdam and Sydney where she arrived in 2007. Her parents still live in Belarus and she sees them every year and keeps in touch with childhood friends.

What is the best thing about having a second home?
"Australian citizenship gives you an actual freedom to travel, go places without the feeling that you can be turned back.
"It's having a sense of belonging. I think when I took my citizenship, I think for me that was an emotional moment when reading out the pledge saying from this moment onwards I pledge my loyalty to Australia.
"Having that sense of safety and that sense of belonging is very special."

What are the challenges?
"The hard thing probably is you knowing that you are on your own when you don't have family here.
"My parents can't help me financially. It's the other way round.
"Life is short and no-one is getting any younger. So making sure you do the things that are right and you don't have any regrets.
"It's just trying to keep in touch via technology, so Skyping with my parents and they embrace the technology.
"I try to see them every year so it's either travel to Belarus to spend time with them or we go on holidays together."
What is your identity?
"I say that I am Russian from Australia. I was born in the Soviet Union which doesn't exist anymore, so for me the definition of what is home is actually a big question mark.
For me, my home is where I am, and I am in Australia so this is home.
"I had a very happy Australian story. I have the strongest love affair with Australia.
"To be honest I don't see how my life could have turned out any better."

What tips do you have for people who have a second home?
"I think the secret is to look on the bright side of things and for me the key is not to have expectations and to take things as they come and to take them at their face value.
"It's focusing on the present and it's focusing on all the good things that you have in your life and being grateful and actually taking ownership of the decisions you made.
"Get out of your comfort zone when you are in a new place. Make friends, get out there, do things that you may not have done before and invest into making a new world around you.
"Migration is a way to start over as you can reinvent in ways maybe you couldn't have done before."



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