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Русская газета в Австралии. Издаётся с 1950 года
  • 20 March 2013

Встречу проводит "Russian connections"

Вебсайт "Russian connections", который уже много лет ведет Вера Краснова и который информирует жителей Сиднея о событиях в мире искусства, связанные с российской тематикой и артистами, готовит новую форму общения со своими друзьями. О первой встрече, на которой выступит известный фотограф Павел Герман, рассказывает "Russian connections".

We now run a group on Facebook called Posidelki The purpose of the group is to run a small scale events mostly in the City. We usually invite a presenter to share with us some interesting and useful information. But even more importantly, these events give us a chance to enlarge our circle of like-minded friends who we have shared interests in common with. Usually we have 20 - 25 people in attendance. The cost to attend - $10 per person for the benefit of the web site Russian Connection.

The first event in April is as follows

If you are interested in attending, please reply to

You are aslo welcome to join the group on Facebook to be notified of any future events

6 April, Saturday, 3.15 pm - 6.15 pm
280 Pitt St Sydney

Pavel German: Methods and Techniques of Travel and Nature Photography

Pavel German is one of Australia's leading wildlife photographers, and publishes hundreds of images every year in Australia and overseas. His work has featured on various covers, calendars, posters, cards, and in many books and magazines. He regularly photographs throughout Australia and the Pacific region. He has participated in many scientific expeditions, photographing numerous rare and unusual species, and has even discovered several mammals new to science in the process.

Pavel's photographic collection represents the diversity of animals, plants and landscapes from Australia, New Guinea, the South Pacific, South-east Asia and North America. Pavel has particularly striking images of charismatic carnivores of the Northern Hemisphere, Australian marsupials, frogs and bizarre and beautiful invertebrates. Even the most common animals take on a fresh appeal when ‘captured' by his lens.

Pavel's special photographic techniques bring studio quality lighting to the bush and the results are vividly detailed images that appear almost sculptural.

During the slide show Pavel will explain some of the very useful techniques involved in taking the photos, touching on:

Lens selection
Researching the subject
Compositional techniques
Using interesting viewpoints
The importance of appropriate and natural looking backgrounds

Pavel was born in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan, but grew up in Moscow, Russia. Since his childhood he has been fascinated by animals and nature, and dreamt of travelling the world. In 1981 he migrated from the Soviet Union to Australia, in large part drawn by the unique and interesting wildlife. Pavel joined the Mammal Section of the Australian Museum in 1989, and carried out biological surveys throughout New Guinea, the South Pacific and South-east Asia. During this time his interest in photography deepened, and he became a full-time professional wildlife photographer.


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