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Телесериал «Австралиец в Сибири» (An Australian in SIBERIA)

Телесериал «Австралиец в Сибири» (An Australian in SIBERIA) Ищет спонсоров для съемок первого фильма на Транссибирской железной дороге для австралийского ...

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  • BLUEY QUILTY, MA(History) Copyright Producer - 4 years ago
    • Many thanks to Vladimir, Looks great! Yes, readers of note, if you love Russia and want to see it on television, you will surely want to ride with us. And if you do, you may wish to join the production as a sponsor. Our friends can be small or large - that's how it goes in Russia. For donationsover 500, we can get you a Tax Certificate which will give you a decent rebate. Poshli! Let's go.. a unique show with an Aussie drawling through the history of the Great Siberian Railway... And with the music of the fantastico Russian Balalaiaka Orchestra!

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