Russian newspaper in Australia
Русская газета в Австралии. Издаётся с 1950 года

День России отметили в Канберре

В Канберре 11 июня прошел прием посла России В. Н. Морозова по случаю Дня России. В зале Национальной картинной галереи собрались депутаты ...

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  • Alexandra - 4 years ago
    • To Michele McDonald .Dear madam! Thanks for the reading Russian newspaper in Australia. Our biggest condolences. Believe it or not, but there are many Russians who are also Australian citizens.It's a big tragedy, it's a big shock. But how you can blame Russians without any significant legal proof? Do not always believe what big politicians and media said. There are so many things which they just simply don't want you to know. But there are some different sources of information and not only the Russian ones. If you get a minute, check it out .Kind regards.!bigSvm B

  • Michele McDonald - 4 years ago
    • Dear Excellency, I am an Australian who lives in Victoria (but you already know that.) I am writing to express my utter and total disgust at shooting down of Malaysian Airways MH 17 and the horrific list of 298 innocent lives - 38 Australian nationals and residents. If Russia had nothing to do with this slaughter if innocents, President Putin would have ensured to the world that he would do everything in his power and order the Russian rebels to insist an independent investigation was held. The lack of decency shown to the deceased and the families of the slaughtered people is repugnant. Look at the photo of Victoria's Herald Sun Newspaper and look at the faces of the parents of their three murdered children. Russia celebrated 'Day of Russia' in Australia national capitol, Canberra. At this moment, celebrating Russian Day would not be welcomed by Australians. Australians demand that Russians return our dead to their families AND all their belongings. After all, that is all those families will have to remembered their loved ones.

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